We design experiences 
helping brands to 
connect with consumers

We are a creative technology agency


Customer centric solutions

We partner with brands, helping them to connect with consumers in today’s complex and ever-changing world. We help them to deliver great customer experience in all touchpoints and achieve their goals.

  • data analysis
  • strategic research
  • segments profiling
  • customer journey design

Conceptual design

We combine best-in-class user experience expertise and design skills. We excel at standard and non-standard executions, delivering great, quality work.

  • UX/ UI design
  • art design
  • web/mobile app design
  • prototyping

Innovation &technology

We are a technology partner. We consult, recommend, design, develop and maintain the whole range of digital platforms, websites, mobile applications, standard and non-standard digital executions.

  • technical consulting
  • web/ mobile apps
  • digital OOH/ POS
  • integrations and support

Hub solutions

We know how to bring things to life, how complex they would be, working closely with our client’s teams on multiple markets. We work on global and regional toolkits, preparing multi-market recommendations and supporting localization process.

  • multimarket strategy
  • multimarket toolkit design
  • global webplatforms
  • localisation and adaptation

We want to be
a digital business
for brands

About Us


Believe in

We’re here to partner with our clients. We want to learn from them, to support them with our expertise and to help them achieve their goals. We believe in long-lasting relationships.

know what
we’re doing

Everything starts with understanding, so we listen, read and research a lot. Then we map consumer journey, identify opportunities and threats and recommend best in class solutions to optimize consumer experience in all touchpoints.

to create

We believe in creative, innovative solutions and great communication – and we love to see them going live. We value craft and we’re excited by great executions.

to connect

Everything we do, we do it to connect brands with consumers. We believe in great design, best-in class user experience, and care for details.


Team of

We are a team of experienced digital and marketing professionals that love their work and love working with each other.
We combine strategic thinking, creativity and technology to design and create experiences.


Team of

We are a team of experienced digital and marketing professionals that love their work and love working with each other.
We combine strategic thinking, creativity and technology to design and create experiences.

Jakub Krawczyk

Jakub Krawczyk


We want to be a digital business partner for brands

A true digital entrepreneur, passionate about digital. Over 15 years’ of experience in creating and developing comprehensive digital solutions for clients like Coca-Cola, Visa, Heineken, BP, Toyota, Volvo, Finlandia, Carrefour, Mars, Microsoft, Orange.

Works closely with his teams and Clients on business transformation via bringing complex digital solutions including best-practice digital and data insights to drive more effective dialogue with the end user / customer. Constantly seeking new opportunities and know-how, particularly in the areas of eCommerce, eCRM, user experience and digital demand generation tactics.

Worked for Saatchi & Saatchi (EVP), Interactive Solutions (EVP), Ogilvy & Mather (Chief Digital Officer) and K2 Internet. Graduated from Informatics & Econometrics at the University of Łódź. Jury member of Effie and Media Trendy awards.

Tomasz Morkowski

Tomasz Morkowski

Creative Director

I love this moment, when idea becomes alive

Tomek started his e-marketing adventure as a copywriter. He joined Interactive Solutions in 2007 and gathered experience by running the creative team and overseeing graphic production in the dynamically developing agency. Since 2011 worked in a digital creative team, developing projects for such clients as P&G, PTC (Era, Heyah, T-Mobile) and Pepsico.

In 2013 Tomek created a multidisciplinary team within Saatchi&Saatchi IS office, that worked as agency’s digital centre of excellence, translating creative concepts to detailed, efficient and engaging actions in the digital/interactive channel. The team of 20 multi-competence experts adapted creative ideas by choosing tools and technologies, designing activation mechanics and user experience, delivering design and overseeing implementation.

Tomek’s team delivered global web platforms and digital toolkits for brands like Duracell, Old Spice, Voltaren, Otrivin, BP, Lexus, Microsoft. He was also working in co-play models with Saatchi & Saatchi offices from around the world (Warsaw, Moscow, Dubai, Geneva, Singapore).

Robert Inglot

Robert Inglot

Digital Lead

Passionate about achieving better results for Clients

A seasoned Digital Specialist with over 10 years of expertise in project leadership for global and local brands.​

Robert led complex digital projects for Lagardere Active for over 5 years, helping media companies succeed in digital transformations.

During his work for Saatchi & Saatchi he oversaw the management and launch of cutting-edge Duracell brand website for over 30 markets (EMEA, LATAM, APAC).​

With his positive can-do attitude, Robert builds strong relationships with partners and vendors to deliver results that exceed Client expectations.

Jan Grodecki

Jan Grodecki

Strategy Consultant

Strategic thinking and a sense of humor

An experienced brand and communication planner with strong focus on digital. In his 8 years agency experience he has been working for the strongest global brands on local, regional and global level. FMCG and low involvement categories were always his main interest.

Jan’s expertise is both brand communication strategy that ignites great big ideas and distributing the message across communication ecosystems in a relevant and efficient way.

His strategies were fundaments for campaigns awarded in major polish and international advertising festivals including: Effie, KTR (Polish advertising association prize), Innovation Award.

Ewa Degórska

Ewa Degórska

Strategy Consultant

If you cannot learn every day, you will never be a good digital marketer

In the marketing business for over 9 years, Ewa is a digital strategist with a strong background in marketing research. Starting her career as a marketing researcher at TNS, her focus became implementing consumer insights into strategies.

Ewa previously worked for Interactive Solutions / Saatchi & Saatchi IS between 2011 and 2017, authoring digital marketing strategies for global and local clients like Novartis, GSK, and P&G.

Ewa believes that good strategy begins with analytical and creative thinking to solve any brand challenges. Her areas of expertise (also projects that she loves the most) are digital, content and platform strategies as well as delivering comprehensive digital ecosystems.

Joanna Pawlik

Joanna Pawlik

Project Lead

It's all about people and communication

In more than 7 years of experience she ran multiple international projects from strategic recommendation to launch.

In her portfolio, she has social campaigns for Heyah and T-Mobile. She has managed dedicated teams for S&S partner offices in Moscow and Geneva for clients such as AbInBev, Uniqlo, P&G, Novartis and GSK. Recently she managed multimarket projects for BP B2B client.

Focused on people, always develops strong team building and communication skills and keen to learn more. With great attention to detail cares to bring together needs and solutions.

Aleksandra Burzych

Aleksandra Burzych

Project Lead

Effective communication between business, design and technology

14 years in digital marketing business, successfully implementing innovative digital projects.

Managed multiple international and local projects from end to end, always building strong relationships with the clients as well as internal cross-functional teams.

Most recently Ola worked on designing and developing cooperation model with the multicultural Geneva agency team within the Saatchi & Saatchi network, leading global projects for Novartis and GSK.

Project manager at heart, committed to success, always focused on effective communication between business, design and technology.

Tomasz Nowak

Tomasz Nowak

Technical Consultant

Let's make it work!

Has strong technical background and over 10 years of experience as an IT project manager.

Managed and oversaw the execution of projects with wide scope of work, ensuring adherence to all department and technology standards and procedures, including all documentation requirements.

He worked with project teams in Saatchi & Saatchi IS, developing best practices around application design, coding standards, cross-browser and multi-device compatibility, multilingual considerations, performance tips&tricks and troubleshooting.

Tomek has comprehensive understanding and practical experience in digital technologies gained from the implementation of more than 100 projects.

Adrianna Baer

Adrianna Baer

Digital Experience

Committed to design seamless experiences with human-centered approach

Adrianna studied journalism at A. Mickiewicz University and got a master degree in New Media. She gained experience in traditional media and then decided to focus on digital and joined Interactive Solutions in 2012. She started from project management and digital production to found her place in digital experience team. Working with group of professionals handling the most challenging projects on local, regional and global level quickly let her discover the apple in her eye in digital ecosystems – the users! Adrianna focuses on user experience in all digital touchpoints and on every stage of a project, while working closely with strategy, creative and execution teams.

Starting from social media, through iMedia campaigns, activations mechanics to multi-market brand websites – she worked on delivering the best possible user experiences for Microsoft, Toyota, Jacobs, Lexus and brands from P&G and GSK portfolios. And she is hungry for more!

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